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Welcome to Texas!

March 11, 2008 – 10:28 pm | by Dave

2008-03-11-115.jpgWe hit the road early today, hoping to catch a scenic sunrise over southwest Arkansas, but the morning was foggy and remained so until almost 10:00. We had hoped the sun would burn it off early, but the fog proved as stubborn as it was thick. Visibility was reduced to about 100 yards or so. Oncoming cars were shimmering spheres of light, and all along the highway there were gnarled and twisted tree-silhouettes back-lit in the fog. It was all very eerie and kind of surreal.

By mid-morning, the fog burned off and revealed an expansive and scenic view. We opted for a Texas farm-route in favor of the (faster) highway, and enjoyed what is probably the biggest sky I ever remember seeing. It was vibrant and blue, and was dotted with hundreds of white fluffy clouds. I couldn’t get over the trees, either. I have to check the Audobon book when I get back home, but they looked to me like very twisty oak trees. I found them to be very impressive.

About lunch time, we stopped at Little Mexico for cheese enchiladas. Taking to the road again afterward, the beautiful sights kept us company all the way to Austin and the end of our day…

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